Condom Requests

1 week notice required for bulk condom requests


Maybe you’re an RA looking to have condoms available for your residents. Maybe you’re an SA group rep looking to distribute condoms to members. We LOVE making condoms, lube, and dental dams available. There’s just a few things…safer, healthier, happier sex doesn’t start and end with giving someone a condom. It’s just one part of it all. So why not bring us in to provide a workshop, or help you with yours?

“Uh, that’s cool – I just want to have the condoms around. Everyone already knows about safe sex.” Well, if that were true, then people between the ages of 15-24 wouldn’t be at the top of the “risk list” for sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, dating violence, or sexual assault! If your residents or members are using the free condoms…they’re probably engaged in some kind of sexual activity, right?! So why not make sure everyone has an opportunity to talk about it? Also, you might be surprised that not everyone uses condoms or other barrier methods correctly or consistently.

“I can do the program – I found some stuff on-line. I just need the condoms.” Maybe you want to be the one to host the safer sex or birth control program – that’s great! Are you sure you’re prepared for the rest of the conversation, or the follow up questions? Are you sure that your info is updated and comes from reliable sources? That’s where we can help! Instead of just giving out condoms, or reciting facts and stats about STIs, REALLY make it about safer, healthier, happier sex!

BUT….you can order the condoms now, and just agree to have a workshop later on in the semester/year. It can only benefit your residents or members, so it’s WIN-WIN!

Now you’re ready to book your workshop! Go to the CONDOM REQUEST FORM!