Workshops and Presentations

2 weeks notice required for workshop requests
1 week notice required for bulk condom requests

Need a program for your Residence Hall? SA or GSA group? Class? UB101 class? Anything? We offer a variety of interactive workshops on sexual health-related topics! The program is ready to go – all you need to do is book the space and promote to your members or residents! Read more….


RAs, student groups, UB101 instructors, departments, and others interested in requesting a training session should submit a WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM.  Training requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of your desired program date. You will be contacted by SBI Health Education approximately two business days after submitting your request to confirm your workshop details.

Workshop host (that’s you) is responsible for all advertising, room reservation and set-up, refreshments and attendance. We also require at least 10 people in attendance and we reserve the right to cancel workshops that violate the attendance requirement.

We can tailor a presentation to suit YOUR needs!

Presentations are available to any on-campus group, as well as community agencies, schools, and other organizations.  Topics include sexual health, healthy relationships, birth control, violence prevention, and MORE! Here’s the best part – we do the presentation FOR you! Our trained educators have knowledge of the topics and know how  to respond best to questions and issues raised in the sessions. Talking and teaching about these issues can be tricky – leave it to us!


Sexversations® is a sexy, entertaining and powerful educational tool that’s all about inspiring straight talk and clever discussions about sex, intimacy, relationships, safety, sexuality, and questions to open your mind and challenge your conscience.

Our goal is to get you talking because we believe the best way to create a sexually empowered culture filled with confident, empowered, healthy and respectful individuals is to talk about “IT”. Sexversations®helps get the critical conversations started so that we can better understand ourselves, our boundaries and our partners.

This fancy deck of playing cards encourages you to answer questions and address beliefs, issues and attitudes that may differ from person to person but with respect and understanding Sexversations® can lead participants to discover for themselves what sexual empowerment is all about.


Eroticizing Safer Sex (ESS)

The title says it all…

  • How to incorporate exciting activities into a safer sex life.
  • Discuss everything from communication to condoms; from safety to sex toys!

STI Jeopardy

Like the TV show, but better!

  • Focuses on factual information about STIs (sexually transmitted infections) so students can make good choices about their sexual health.

Sex in the Dark

Ok – so the name might mislead you.

  • All questions are asked anonymously and in a darkened room; students can ask whatever they want.
  • Students can find out information about topics about which they might be too embarrassed or scared to ask questions
  • Promotes good communication

Wasted Sex

This workshop explores the “Drunken Hook-Up” and challenges students to explore the complex issues of sex under the influence.


Now you’re ready to book your workshop! Go to the WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM!