Birth Control

Birth Control for UB Students

  • Only a professional health care provider (on-campus or off-campus) can prescribe prescription birth control (the Pill, the Patch, the Ring, etc).
  • However, you can call us at 829-2584 to schedule a one-on-one info session, where you’ll have additional time and opportunity for questions and information about birth control methods, sexual health, or other related information before or after you see your health care provider.
  • Don’t forget…we DO provide free male condoms and female condoms for contraception and STI risk reduction for any UB student! Just stop by our office during business hours!



Q: I want to start taking birth control but I’m afraid of my parents finding out because of insurance. What can I do?

A: Students don’t always have to use their health insurance to get Birth Control at UB. The SBI Pharmacy in Michael Hall sells birth control pills for really low prices – sometimes even lower than insurance co-pays! So, you wouldn’t necessarily need insurance for the prescriptions. However, any lab work ordered by a doctor will likely run through insurance. Talk to your Health Care Provider or the office staff about any questions or concerns.

Q: How can SBI Health Education help me with birth control/contraception?

A: What we CAN do:

  • We CAN provide male condoms, female condoms, and lube – reducing your risk of pregnancy AND sexually transmitted infections!
  • If you’re thinking of starting Birth Control, we encourage you to make an appointment with an educator from SBI Health Education BEFORE seeing your health care provider. This session will give you plenty of time to explore your options, ask questions, and prepare for your visit with a health care provider. Appointments required.

What we CAN’T do:

  • SBI Health Education does not prescribe hormonal birth control methods (the Pill, the Patch, the Ring, etc)
  • On campus, UB’s Student Health Services can provide prescriptions for birth control. Off-campus options include Planned Parenthood of WNY. Check with your insurance provider to see the covered options available to you (for providers and contraceptive methods).
  • The SBI Pharmacy in Michael Hall can fill prescriptions for birth control. If you choose to pay cash and not use insurance, they provide contraceptives at the lowest costs – price list here. If you use your student insurance, there should be no cost for prescription birth control.

Q: Can I get Emergency Contraception/Plan B/the Morning-After Pill from SBI?

A: Yes! Emergency Contraception (EC) is available at the SBI Health Education office (4th floor, Michael Hall) or at the SBI Pharmacy (Michael Hall basement) without a prescription for $25. That’s about half the cost of an outside pharmacy.

When you buy the EC:

  • You must be 18 or older with photo ID
  • You will meet briefly with an educator to go over the medication and any questions you might have.
  • For more information about Emergency Contraception visit: