Policy of the Safety Shuttles:

The following policies have been established for the safety and comfort of and apply to all students, faculty, and staff who use the shuttle service patrons utilizing the SBI Safety Shuttle. Compliance with these expectations and rules are mandatory and use of the service implies understanding and agreement. Violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action through Student Conduct and/or loss of safety service privileges.


All passengers must present a valid UB ID when entering the vehicle. The shuttle service is provided for UB students, faculty, and staff. Denial of services will happen for passengers without a UB ID Card.


Discretion will be used when picking up belligerent, disruptive or overly intoxicated individuals, and transportation may be denied if Safety Shuttle operators determine a risk is present. Campus Safety may be notified.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in safety shuttles at any time. Anyone suspected of transporting alcohol must show the Safety Shuttle operators the contents of any item in their possession at their request, or transport may be denied.

Costs of cleaning a safety shuttle due to vomiting as a result of alcohol consumption will be the responsibility of the UB student. The Student Conduct System may be used to facilitate restitution in these cases.

CLEANLINESS – Food, Drink, etc. (SMOKE FREE)

Eating or drinking is not permitted on the shuttle. Open food and beverage containers will not be allowed in the vehicles. Soda bottles and coffees can be transported as long as the lid is properly secured and the beverage is not being consumed. To-go food containers may be transported as long as they remain closed.

All shuttle vehicles are SMOKE FREE (including E-Cigs).

To anyone who is feeling nauseous or believes he or she may become sick, airline style motion-sickness bags will be provided at no cost. In the event that someone becomes sick in the vehicle and is unable to utilize a motion–sickness bag, he or she will be assessed a $75.00 cleaning fee. UB students, staff and faculty are responsible for the actions of their guests and will be held accountable if their guest becomes sick. Other messes or damages created by passengers may be assessed for similar cleaning fees.


All student, staff and faculty members will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately, and to treat Safety Shuttle operators and fellow passengers accordingly. Foul and/or abusive language or comments will not be tolerated. Passengers are expected to behave in a way that will not inhibit the ability of the Safety Shuttle operators to perform his or her job as expected. All UB policies still apply throughout the duration of the escort.

Safety Shuttle transportation may be denied at the discretion of the operators, particularly if they determine that there is a potential risk to the safety of anyone in the vehicle. SBI Safety Shuttle operators and supervisors reserve the right to refuse or suspend escorts to anyone. If service to an individual ceases before his/her destination, the Shuttle operators may drop off the individual at the campus police substation.

All vehicle occupants must remain seated during transport and must not cause any distractions that could hinder the driving ability of the Safety Shuttle operator.


The SBI Safety Shuttle will not assist in moving, carrying or loading personal belongings. Bags, packs, groceries and other personal items must be able to be carried by the escorted person and be able to be contained or held within the escorted person’s personal space during the ride so as to not interfere with other passengers or the driver.

These rules are posted on the SBI Health and Safety Services web page at www.healtheducation.buffalo.edu. Please address any questions to SBI Health and Safety Services, 716–829–2584.

Complaints, recommendations, and general comments regarding the SBI Safety Shuttle service are welcome and should be addressed to the Director of SBI Health and Safety at 716–829–2584 or sbihealthandsafety@gmail.com.