SBI Health Education
Our Sexuality Education programs and services are designed to promote awareness about sexual health at UB. We are a comprehensive service, addressing a variety of issues and questions related to human sexuality and relationships.

Workshops and Presentations

Sexversations, Eroticizing Safer Sex (ESS), Sex in the Dark, STI Jeopardy, Wasted Sex, No Woman Left Behind (bystander intervention)….and more!!


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Birth Control and Emergency Contraception
Birth Control for UB Students
Emergency Contraception
Counseling and Informational Sessions

We offer:

  • Free pregnancy testing and counseling – call for appointment
  • Free one-on-one counseling, education, and informational sessions for issues including:
    • Sexual health
    • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
    • Birth control
    • Emergency contraception (“Plan B”)
    • Relationship issues

Our workshops are fun, informational, and nonjudgmental, and are available to all campus organizations and residence hall groups. Our trained peer educators use interactive programs to discuss decisions regarding sexual health. We can also develop a program to your group’s needs. Contact us to schedule a workshop! Workshops include:

STI Jeopardy

Like the TV show, but better!

  • Focuses on factual information about STIs (sexually transmitted infections) so students can make good choices about their sexual health.
Sex in the Dark (also presented with AIDS Coalition)

Ok – so the name might mislead you.

  • All questions are asked anonymously and in a darkened room; students can ask whatever they want.
  • Students can find out information about topics about which they might be too embarrassed or scared to ask questions
  • Promotes good communication